Customer Reviews

Hailey HollimanHailey Holliman
20:28 04 Apr 24
Was my first time. Very pleased with my visit! ☺💗
Angelica RosarioAngelica Rosario
12:12 04 Apr 24
She was kind, very detailed and knew exactly what i needed.
Tammie CassTammie Cass
00:12 04 Apr 24
Paige was so Helpful and a delight to deal with Thank you so much
Latasha TiptonLatasha Tipton
00:04 04 Apr 24
Nando was great
Nate NuisanceNate Nuisance
21:29 03 Apr 24
Paige is great. Never feel rushed and she has good suggestions
Charles SpanielewskiCharles Spanielewski
02:46 26 Mar 24
Always good deals i usually only go here anymore they have everything your heart desires. Shout out to Danny hes the man!! Always them choice buds 😂 and ive even dealt with the owner on a mix up and he hooked me the hell up for it! It won me over i must say and there had only been the one time and it was minor above and beyond i wont forget ya!
Beverly RogersBeverly Rogers
00:05 26 Mar 24
She was a charm... thanks for being my server (smile).
Bo WwBo Ww
21:19 25 Mar 24
Anserwedmy question good an made suggestions
Awesome and knowledgeable
DeAngelo MaloneDeAngelo Malone
20:55 25 Mar 24
Madison was very professional and went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed. Coming from a Amazon worker that's very important
Angie SpencerAngie Spencer
22:13 15 Mar 24
First time ordering delivery. I got a bit concerned as it had been over the scheduled time & hadn't heard from them. I did the online chat, they reached out to the store. The store manager called me back within minutes of the chat on his personal cell #. He apologized for the delay as they got slammed , assured me it was enroute. Gave me a discount for the inconvenience. Super personable & apologetic. I already love this location in person and this just solidified how truly wonderful their staff is. I highly recommend them. Really appreciate the quick response back & I totally understand it's a Friday during rush hour so I'll be patiently awaiting my delivery.
Brandon BankstonBrandon Bankston
17:20 15 Mar 24
Rachel totally rocked it!
DeShawn HarrisDeShawn Harris
15:26 15 Mar 24
GREAT service and personality 🔥
Darryl HarrisDarryl Harris
15:20 15 Mar 24
Great place great flower beautiful just beauty
Corey GerardCorey Gerard
02:37 06 Mar 24
First time visit, hit the spot. Great deals, very friendly staff. Nice variety. And my girl Miranda is a work of art! Outstanding salesperson, helpful, and patient. I wanted to leave a decent tip but forgot. 🤦 There will definitely be a next time.
Julian FouladbashJulian Fouladbash
23:14 05 Mar 24
Erica was great! Her first day too! Also im adding on Miranda is also amazing! They both deserve a gold star sticker 🤣!
MrsDevineT 3MrsDevineT 3
22:11 05 Mar 24
Great customer service!🥰
Elohel TheproducerElohel Theproducer
19:54 05 Mar 24
Emily G helped me, made great selections and kept the price reasonably within my budget. I appreciate the great service and nice smile
Margo HebertMargo Hebert
19:29 05 Mar 24
Paige is a great Budtender. I look forward to seeing her when I visit. Always great weed.
Dshawn SmithDshawn Smith
03:22 25 Feb 24
Great experience for my first visit. I was in and out in a timely manner. I got some MKX Deep Sleep Gummies and I love them Ganja grape flavor. I am upset that one of my breeze pins stopped working and won't charge and has a nice amount of oil left in it. I received a pre roll for my first visit. I will definitely be back
Leticia Ann WoodruffLeticia Ann Woodruff
22:16 24 Feb 24
Best place by far!
21:34 24 Feb 24
Katie KonyhaKatie Konyha
19:06 24 Feb 24
This is my new favorite place to go. The staff is super helpful and made great recommendations.
Me 2Me 2
18:45 24 Feb 24
I love this place. Great prices, great product, and AMAZING STAFF. Paige is so kind and helpful.
Jesus LealJesus Leal
00:36 15 Feb 24
Very kind very professional amazing
Villainz UnleashedVillainz Unleashed
23:39 14 Feb 24
Every time I'm in there I have the best experience and the bud tenders r always real and very helpful
Jeffro JonasJeffro Jonas
20:58 13 Feb 24
Katrina NewcombKatrina Newcomb
12:08 13 Feb 24
Jackie ReeseJackie Reese
20:01 12 Feb 24
Seth CannerSeth Canner
19:47 04 Feb 24
Johnnie WordJohnnie Word
01:36 04 Feb 24
Chocolate covered pretzels my favorite Should’ve been
Aleissa HendershotAleissa Hendershot
23:12 02 Feb 24
23:00 02 Feb 24
Joyology is and outstanding place for business, great stuff willing to take there time to assist you.i would recommend family and friends to an great service..
April HallApril Hall
16:50 02 Feb 24
James HamptonJames Hampton
23:36 25 Jan 24
Nick HerronNick Herron
15:24 25 Jan 24
Katnip OwensKatnip Owens
10:20 25 Jan 24
This was my first time here, the Joyology team was very nice, the place was packed but I was able to get in and out fairly quickly. Rachel was very knowledgeable and very nice. I will definitely be returning.
Daniel ThomsDaniel Thoms
03:32 25 Jan 24
Walter EatonWalter Eaton
02:24 25 Jan 24
Alexis gave me great customer service, steered me in the right direction with my purchase, and informed me where i stood with my points at joyology, and let me know about all the sales going on at the store. Keep up the good work alexis.
23:15 15 Jan 24
Not happy with them, they added a 10$ delivery fee on
Valerie WilliamsValerie Williams
19:53 15 Jan 24
Love the goodies here
Tyler GreenTyler Green
17:52 15 Jan 24
Most of the budtenders are knowledgeable about the products. They lost a star for not advertising their deals on the weed maps app. Also because most of their specials and promos are ignored unless you specifically ask about them.
Casandra VillanuevaCasandra Villanueva
13:40 15 Jan 24
Thank you Danny for your help ! Loved all the gummies
Joe PesendorferJoe Pesendorfer
01:36 15 Jan 24
Great prices and friendly, huge selection and knowledgeable budtenders. This is my number 1 dispensary.
00:50 15 Jan 24
Kendal S. was great. Really helpful. Definitely going back to see her!!!
Denise SpicerDenise Spicer
20:04 14 Jan 24
Sarah was a delight to work with her. I knew what I wanted and Sarah helped me. Also helped me use my points.
Caleb WoodsCaleb Woods
01:21 22 Dec 23
Curbside was a great first experience here, polite runner excellent service on the phone upon arrival!
Owen MeinhardOwen Meinhard
20:42 18 Dec 23
Emily was super nice and attentive the past two times we’ve chosen for curbside pick up. Wait time was in seconds- not minutes 🙂 you can see the dedication she has for joyology and its customers. Keep up the good work Emily, you’re the best 🙂
Jessica HeidischJessica Heidisch
22:08 30 Nov 23
Love joyology! First timein…!High supply oz for $100! Alana was great and I got some free goodies for my first time in. Totally worth it
AJ SmithAJ Smith
23:39 22 Oct 23
Budtender Jordan B. was amazing! He was very respectful, cool and helpful. He didn’t catch attitude with my selection, let me pick and helped regardless! I had a couple of deals to use and instead of getting an attitude or frustrated, he put all my deals through! To end the transaction off, he gave us goodies! Can’t ask for a better experience than that one right there!Enjoy the point system. The deals you get through email is cool. The red tier is supposed to be “bottom shelf,” but it’s hit to me a good 8x outta 10. They have a good selection, I do wish it was switched out more often tho.
Cory LCory L
19:52 26 Aug 23
Great and very friendly customer service, good music playing, a monitor to know what to buy and where to be served. Excellent product as well.Will come again anytime I'm going to pine knob

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